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Associate Professor


Ph.D., Physics, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

聯絡方式(TEL & Mail):

03 - 2118800 # 3524

研究領域(Research Interest):

  1. 現代醫學物理(Modern medical physics)

  2. 放射與診斷物理 (Radiological and diagnostic physics)

  3. 醫學影像特徵分析(Radiomics feature analysis)

  4. 機器學習(Machine learning)

  5. 癌症影像資料庫探勘與分析(Cancer imaging database mining)

  6. 人工智慧在放射治療的應用(Artificial intelligence applications to radiation therapy)

  7. 大數據在醫學診斷與放射治療的應用(Big data applications to diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy)


  1. The American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM)

教授課程(Instruction Courses):

  1. 放射物理 (Radiological physics)

  2. 放射物理實驗 (Radiological physics laboratory)

  3. 影像特徵分析與機器學習(Radiomics feature analysis and machine learning)

  4. 應用數學 (Applied mathematics)

  5. 近代物理 (Modern physics)



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2.          Ching-Jung Lo, Pei-Ying Yang, Chi-Tsian Chao, Shu-Ju Tu* (2014, Dec). Effect of contrast agent administration on consequences of dosimetry and biology in radiotherapy planning. Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section A. (Accepted). (SCI, 9/33, NUCLEAR SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY ). 本人為通訊作者.

3.          Shu-Ju Tu; Hong-Wen Huang; Wei-Jeng Chang (2014, Dec). X-ray imaging characterization for aging mice with an extreme disorder in femoral bones. Micron. (Accepted). (SCI, 5/11, MICROSCOPY ). 本人為第一作者、通訊作者.

4.          Ya-Yun Hsiao, Tzu-Hsiang Hung, Shu-Ju Tu, Chuan-Jong Tung (2014, May). Fast Monte Carlo simulation of DNA damage induction by Auger-electron emission. International Journal of Radiation Biology, 90(5), 392-400. (SCI, 3/33, NUCLEAR SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY).

5.          Shu-Ju Tu; Siao-Yun Wu; Fu-Sheng Wang; Yunn-Hwa Ma (2014, Feb). Retention assessment of magnetic nanoparticles in rat arteries with micro computed tomography. Physics in Medicien and Biology, 59(5), 1271-1281. (SCI, 16/74, ENGINEERING, BIOMEDICAL). 本人為第一作者.

6.          Shu-Ju Tu, Pei-Ying Yang, Ji-Hong Hong, Ching-Jung Lo (2013, Jul). Quantitative dosimetric assessment for effect of gold nanoparticles as contrast media on radiotherapy planning. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 88(7), 14-20. (SCI, 11/33, NUCLEAR SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY). 本人為第一作者、通訊作者.

7.          Tsui-Hsun Wu, Shu-Chuan Liao, Ying-Fang Chen, Yi-You Huang, Yi-Syuan Wei, Shu-Ju Tu*, Ko-Shao Chen (2013, Feb). Determination of functionalized gold nanoparticles incorporated in hydrophilic and hydrophobic microenvironments by surface modification of quartz crystal microbalance. Applied Surface Science, 274: 418-424. (SCI). 本人為通訊作者.

8.          Jyh-Ping Chen, Pei-Ching Yang, Yunn-Hwa Ma, Shu-Ju Tu, Yu-Jen Lu (2012, Oct). Targeted delivery of tissue plasminogen activator by binding to silicacoated magnetic nanoparticle. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 7: 5137-5149.

9.          Yunn-Hua Ma, Si-Yi Chen, Shu-Ju Tu, Hung-Wei Yang, Hao-Li Liu (2012, Sep). Manipulation of magnetic nanoparticle retention and hemodynamic consequences in microcirculation: assessment by laser speckle imaging. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 7:2810-2817.

10.      Hong-Wen Cheng, Ching-Ju Ho, Chung-Chi Lee, Shu-Ju Tu, Bor-Yuan Shih, Tsi-Chian Chao (2011, Dec). Development of a novel optical CT employing a laser to create a collimated line-source with a flat-top intensity distribution. Radiation Measurements, 46(12), 1932-1935. (SCI).

11.      Tsui-Hsun Wu, Shu-Chuan Liao, Yi-Shiuan Wei, Shu-Ju Tu, Yi-You Huang, Hsin-Ming Wu, Ko-Shao Chen (2011, Dec). Hydrophilic modification of Au nanoparticles on the gold electrode of QCM by plasma deposition for biomedical applications. Current Nanoscience, 7(6), 950-954. (SCI).

12.      T C Chao, A M Chen, Shu-Ju Tu, C J Tung, J H Hong and C C Lee (2009, Oct). The evaluation of 6 and 18 MeV electron beams for small animal irradiation. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 5847-5860. (SCI). NSC 98-2314-B-182-040.


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