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Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Science


2011-06-12 summer retreat

Retreat is the activity once a year in our master class. In this day, we will gather both new and old students and choose a quiet place to visit and get together.
For the new members, every teacher in each LAB will briefly introduce the laboratory. Seniors sister will also introduce the new students the life in master class and how to manage the stress and anxiety.

The first time was held at Beach resort green bay on 5/15 /2007.

The second time was held at China youth corps in Taoyuan on 5/17/2008.

The third time was held at China youth corps in Jinshan on 5/3/2009.

The fourth time was held at frog˙café in Bali on 5/29/2010.

This time, the fifth time, was held at GEO café in Taipei on 6/12/2011.
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