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2011 最新研究成果




 Lee W Y, Wei H J, Lin W W, Yeh Y C, Hwang S M, Wang J J, Tsai M S, Chang Y, Sung S W. Enhancement of cell retention and functional benefits in myocardial infarction using human amniotic-fluid stem-cell bodies enriched with endogenous ECM. Biomaterials 2011; vol 32(24): P 5558-5567. doi: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2011.04.031 (SCI=7.882, 2/69)
 H. Y. Tsai, P. L. Lai, Y. Y. Li, Y. S. Tyan, “Establishing an individual dosing system for patients undergoing interventional transcatheter arterial embolization: Radiochromic film and Monte Carlo, ” Radiation Measurements 46 (12), 2107-2110 (2011). (SCI)
 Lee CC, Chen AM, Tung CJ, Chao TC, "Monte Carlo simulation of small field electron beams for small animal irradiation", Radiation Measurements, accepted for publication, 2011 (SCI)


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