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2013 Research Publications




Chen CF, Hsu LW, Lui CC, Lee CC, Weng HH, Tsai YH, Liu HL*.  In vivo correlation between semi-quantitative hemodynamic parameters and Ktrans derived from DCE-MRI of brain tumors. Int J Imaging Syst Technol. Vol.22(2), p132-136, 2013.
Hwang YS, Tsai HY, Chen CC, Tsay PK, Pan HB, Hsu GC, Lin JH, Chui CS, Wan YL*, Liu HL*. Effects of quality assurance regulatory enforcement on performance of mammography systems: Evidence from large-scale surveys in Taiwan.  AJR Am J Roentgenol, Vol. 201(2), 307-12, 2013.
Wong AM, Yan FX, Liu HL*. Comparison of 3D pseudo-continuous arterial spin labeling perfusion imaging with gradient-echo and spin-echo dynamic susceptibility contrast MRI. J Magn Reson Imaging.  In press.
Yeh MY, Wu CW, Kuan WC, Wei PS, Wai YY, Wan YL, Liu HL*. Variations in BOLD response latency estimated from event-related fMRI at 3T: Comparisons between gradient-echo and spin-echo.  Int J Imaging Syst Technol.  Vol. 23(3), 215-221, 2013.
International Journal of Clinical Oncology Lee SY, Hsu HH, LiuHY, Chen YC, Wong YC, Wang LJ#, Ng KF, Chuang CK, Huang CC, Yang CW, Factors associated with the survival of patients with primary small cell carcinoma of the kidney. Int J Clin Oncol 2013, 18(1): 139-147 (#corresponding author). 
Wong YC, Wu CH, Wang LJ, Chen HW, Lin BC, Huang CC, Mesenteric Vascular Occlusion: Comparison of Ancillary CT Findings between Arterial and Venous Occlusions and Independent CT Findings Suggesting Life-Threatening Events Korean J Radiol 2013; 14(1):38-44 (SCI)
Cover Image Lee WY, Hsu HH, Yen TH, Wang LJ, Lee SY. Acute left-arm compartment syndrome due to cephalic arch stenosis in a dialysis patient. Ann Vas Surg 2013; 27(1): 111e1-3 (SCI).

C.C. Lee, Y.J. Lee, C.J. Tung, H.W. Cheng, T.C. Chao, MCNPX simulation of proton dose distribution in homogeneous and CT phantoms, Radiation physics and chemistry (in Press)
Z Sun, YL Wan*, IC Hsieh, YC Liu, MS Wen. Coronary CT angiography in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease. Cur Med Imaging Review 2013; 9: (in Press) (SCI)
 Liu YC, Sun ZH, Chan T, Tsay PK, Hsieh IC, Chen CC, Wen MS, Wan YL*. Significance of coronary calcification for prediction of coronary artery disease and cardiac events based on 64-slice computed tomography coronary angiography. Biomed Research International. Volume 2013, Article ID 47237 (SCI IF 2.436)
Jeng CM, Wu MT, Wang PC, Chan T, Wan YL*. A Survey of the current status of coronary CT Angiography using 64-slice multidetector CT in Taiwan. J Formosan Med Assoc., 2012 (SCI) (in press) http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jfma.2012.05.008
European Radiology Chien-Ming Chen, Sung-Yu Chu, Ming-Yi Hsu, Ying-Lan Liao, Hui-Yu Tsai*, "Low-tube-voltage (80 kVp) CT aortography using 320-row volume CT with adaptive iterative reconstruction: lower contrast medium and radiation dose, " accepted by European Radiology, Volume 24Issue 2pp 460-468 (SCI).
Current Issue M. C. Lee, H. Y. Tsai, K. S. Chuang, C. K. Liu,  M. K. Chen, “Prediction of Nodal Metastasis in Head and Neck Cancer using 3T MRI ADC Map,” AJNR Am J Neuroradiol 2013 34(4): 864-869. (2013) (SCI)
N.K. Lai, T.R. Chen, Y.S. Tyan, H.Y. Tsai* Off-Centre Effect on Dose Reduction to Anterior Surfaces With Organ-Based Tube-Current, Radiation Measurements, Vol 59, 155-159, 2013. 
Y.L. Liao, N.K. Lai, c, Y.S. Tyan, K.S. Chuang, H.Y. Tsai*, Automatic Tube Current Modulation for Volume Scan in a 320-detector Row CT Scanner. Radiation Measurements, Vol 56, 328-332, 2013. 
S.W. Chan, b, Y.J. Ho, Y.S. Tyan, H.Y. Tsai*,Organ dose and scattering dose for CT coronary angiography and calcium scoring using automatic tube current modulation. Radiation Measurements,  Vol 56, 333-337, 2013. 
KJ Lin, YH Weng, CJ Hsieh, WY Lin, SP Wey, MP Kung, TC Yen, CS Lu, IT Hsiao*, Brain Imaging of Vesicular Monoamine Transporter Type 2 in Healthy Aging Subjects by 18F-FP-(+)-DTBZ PET. PLOS ONE, 2013. 8(9): p. e75952. (EI & 2012 JCR SCI, IF=3.730, Rank=7/56, 12.5% in BIOLOGY)
Kuo-Lun Huang., Kun-Ju Lin, Ing-Tsung Hsiao, Hung-Chou Kuo, Wen-Chuin Hsu, Wen-Li Chuang, Mei-Ping Kung, Shiaw-Pyng Wey, Chia-Ju Hsieh, Yau-Yau Wai, Tzu-Chen Yen*, Chin-Chang Huang*, 2013. Regional amyloid deposition in amnestic mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease evaluated by [18F]AV-45 positron emission tomography in Chinese population. PLOS ONE. 2013 March; 8(3):1-8 (EI & 2012 JCR SCI, IF=3.730, Rank=7/56, 12.5% in BIOLOGY)
 I.T. Hsiao, C.C. Huang, C.J. Hsieh, S.P. Wey, M.P. Kung, T.C. Yen, K.J. Lin, Perfusion-like Template and Standardized Normalization Based Brain Image Analysis: Using F-18Florbetapir (AV-45/Amyvid) PET. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. 2013. 40(6): pp 908-920. (SCI) 
T. R. Chen, Y. S. Tyan, C. H. Chu, M. C. Wu and C. J. Tung*, Surveyed Data for Structural Shielding Calculations of Radiographic X-ray Installations in Taiwan, Health Physics, 104, S60-S67, 2013 (SCI).
Lee, C. C.Lee, Y. J.Tung, C. J.Cheng, H. W.Chao, T. C., MCNPX simulation of proton dose distribution in homogeneous and CT phantoms, Radiation physics and chemistry, Volume 95, p. 302-304.
Yeh CY, Tung CJ, Chao TC, Lin MH, Lee CC, "A dual resolution measurement based Monte Carlo simulation technique for detailed dose analysis of small volume organs in the skull base region". Radiation Physics and Chemistry", Radiation Physics and Chemistry, (In press)
C. Y. Yeh, C. C. Lee, T. C. Chao, M. H. Lin, P. A. Lai, F. H. Liu and C. J. Tung*, Application of Measurement-based Monte Carlo Method in Nasopharyngeal Cancer Patients for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, doi/10.1016/j.radphyschem.2013.01.024i, in press, 2013 (SCI).
  Kin Fong Lei, Kuan-Hao Chen, Po-Hsiang Tsui, and Ngan-Ming Tsang, “Real-Time electrical impedimetric monitoring of blood coagulation process under temperature and hematocrit variations conducted in a microfluidic chip,” PLOS ONE, Vol. 8, No. 10, pp. e76243, 2013, 10. (SCI)
  Chang-Wei Huang, Der-Hsien Lien, Jay Shieh, Ben-Ting Chen, Po-Hsiang Tsui, Chuin-Shan Chen, and Wen-Shiang Chen, “Ultrasound thermal mapping based on a hybrid method combining cross-correlation and zero-crossing tracking,” Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Vol. 134, No. 2, pp. 1530-1540, 2013, 08. (SCI)

Po-Hsiang Tsui*, “Potential of ultrasound Nakagami imaging in clinical tissue characterization,” Journal of Medical Ultrasound, Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 51-53, 2013, 08. (invited editorial)

Po-Hsiang Tsui*, Yung-Liang Wan, Yu-Ting Chien, Chia-Chun Yeh, and Chiao-Yin Wang, “Dependency of ultrasonic Nakagami images on the mechanical properties of scattering medium,” Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering, Vol. 33, No. 1, pp. 95-102, 2013, 02. (SCI)
Jingjing Xia, Qiang Li, Hao-Li Liu, Wen-Shiang Chen, and Po-Hsiang Tsui*, “An approach for the visualization of temperature distribution in tissues according to changes in ultrasonic backscattered energy,” submitted to Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, 2013 (SCI)
Yu-Sheng Lin, Chin-Chou Chu, Po-Hsiang Tsui*, and Chien-Cheng Chang, “Evaluation of zebrafish brain development using optical coherence tomography,” Journal of Biophotonics, Vol. 6, No. 9, pp. 668-678, 2013, 09. (SCI)
Chiao-Yin Wang, Xiaonan Geng, Ta-Sen Yeh, Hao-Li Liu, and Po-Hsiang Tsui*, “Monitoring radiofrequency ablation with ultrasound Nakagami imaging,” Medical Physics, Vol. 40, No. 7, pp. 072901, 2013, 06. (SCI) (http://dx.doi.org/10.1118/1.4808115)
 Ming-Chih Ho, Yu-Hsin Lee, Yung-Ming Jeng, Chiung-Nien Chen, King-Jen Chang, and Po-Hsiang Tsui*, “Relationship between ultrasound backscattered statistics and the concentration of fatty droplets in livers: an animal study,” PLOS ONE, Vol. 8, No. 5, pp. e63543, 2013, 05 (SCI) (doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0063543)
Chin-Kuo Chen, Yung-Liang Wan, Fang Jui, Chien-Huang Lin, Wen-Ta Chiu, and Po-Hsiang Tsui*, “Post-mastoidectomy effusion measurement using a delay-line ultrasound transducer: cadaver experiments,” Ultrasonic Imaging, Vol. 35, No. 1, pp. 45-56, 2013, 01. (SCI)


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