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Shu-Ju Tu




Shu-Ju Tu


Assistant Professor


Ph.D., Physics, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

TEL & Mail:

03 - 2118800 # 3524


Research Interest :

  1. Medical Physics

  2. Medical Imaging

  3. Radiation Therapy

  4. Radiomics and Medical Imaging Informatics

  5. Computed Tomography Imaging

  6. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Association :

  1. The American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM)

Instruction Courses :

  1. Radiological physics-1

  2. Radiological physics-2

  3. Radiological physics laboratory

  4. Applied mathematics-1

  5. Applied mathematics-2

  6. Applied mathematics-3

  7. Medical imaging and machine learning

  8. Modern physics

Journal Papers :

1.          Shu-Ju Tu, Pei-Ying Yang, Ching-Jung Lo (2015, Jan). Consequence on dosimetry of external targeted radiotherapy due to the rapid clearance of gold nanoparticles. Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering. (Accepted). (SCI, 55/76, Biomedical Engineering). 本人為第一作者、通訊作者.

2.          Ching-Jung Lo, Pei-Ying Yang, Chi-Tsian Chao, Shu-Ju Tu* (2014, Dec). Effect of contrast agent administration on consequences of dosimetry and biology in radiotherapy planning. Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section A. (Accepted). (SCI, 9/33, NUCLEAR SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY ). 本人為通訊作者.

3.          Shu-Ju Tu; Hong-Wen Huang; Wei-Jeng Chang (2014, Dec). X-ray imaging characterization for aging mice with an extreme disorder in femoral bones. Micron. (Accepted). (SCI, 5/11, MICROSCOPY ). 本人為第一作者、通訊作者.

4.          Ya-Yun Hsiao, Tzu-Hsiang Hung, Shu-Ju Tu, Chuan-Jong Tung (2014, May). Fast Monte Carlo simulation of DNA damage induction by Auger-electron emission. International Journal of Radiation Biology, 90(5), 392-400. (SCI, 3/33, NUCLEAR SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY).

5.          Shu-Ju Tu; Siao-Yun Wu; Fu-Sheng Wang; Yunn-Hwa Ma (2014, Feb). Retention assessment of magnetic nanoparticles in rat arteries with micro computed tomography. Physics in Medicien and Biology, 59(5), 1271-1281. (SCI, 16/74, ENGINEERING, BIOMEDICAL). 本人為第一作者.

6.          Shu-Ju Tu, Pei-Ying Yang, Ji-Hong Hong, Ching-Jung Lo (2013, Jul). Quantitative dosimetric assessment for effect of gold nanoparticles as contrast media on radiotherapy planning. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 88(7), 14-20. (SCI, 11/33, NUCLEAR SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY). 本人為第一作者、通訊作者.

7.          Tsui-Hsun Wu, Shu-Chuan Liao, Ying-Fang Chen, Yi-You Huang, Yi-Syuan Wei, Shu-Ju Tu*, Ko-Shao Chen (2013, Feb). Determination of functionalized gold nanoparticles incorporated in hydrophilic and hydrophobic microenvironments by surface modification of quartz crystal microbalance. Applied Surface Science, 274: 418-424. (SCI). 本人為通訊作者.

8.          Jyh-Ping Chen, Pei-Ching Yang, Yunn-Hwa Ma, Shu-Ju Tu, Yu-Jen Lu (2012, Oct). Targeted delivery of tissue plasminogen activator by binding to silicacoated magnetic nanoparticle. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 7: 5137-5149.

9.          Yunn-Hua Ma, Si-Yi Chen, Shu-Ju Tu, Hung-Wei Yang, Hao-Li Liu (2012, Sep). Manipulation of magnetic nanoparticle retention and hemodynamic consequences in microcirculation: assessment by laser speckle imaging. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 7:2810-2817.

10.      Hong-Wen Cheng, Ching-Ju Ho, Chung-Chi Lee, Shu-Ju Tu, Bor-Yuan Shih, Tsi-Chian Chao (2011, Dec). Development of a novel optical CT employing a laser to create a collimated line-source with a flat-top intensity distribution. Radiation Measurements, 46(12), 1932-1935. (SCI).

11.      Tsui-Hsun Wu, Shu-Chuan Liao, Yi-Shiuan Wei, Shu-Ju Tu, Yi-You Huang, Hsin-Ming Wu, Ko-Shao Chen (2011, Dec). Hydrophilic modification of Au nanoparticles on the gold electrode of QCM by plasma deposition for biomedical applications. Current Nanoscience, 7(6), 950-954. (SCI).

12.      T C Chao, A M Chen, Shu-Ju Tu, C J Tung, J H Hong and C C Lee (2009, Oct). The evaluation of 6 and 18 MeV electron beams for small animal irradiation. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 5847-5860. (SCI). NSC 98-2314-B-182-040.


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