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Research Profile

Functional MRI
  1. Methodological development of functional MRI, especially for improving the temporal and spatial accuracy.
  2. MR imaging of physiological parameters, including perfusion, blood and tissue oxygenation, vessel reactivity and permeability and capillary size etc.
  3. Establish medical physicist’s testing methodology for new MRI techniques and features, which include high field characteristics, parallel imaging, functional and biological imaging, etc.
  4. Optimization, artifact removal and testing of clinical imaging modality.
Medical Image Processing and Analysis
Molecular imaging using nuclear medicine, including PET and SPECT, is a powerful tool for obtaining functional information in an organ of interest in-vivo. Recently, small animal imaging using microPET and microSPECT has become a valuable tool for studying animal models of human disease in molecular imaging. The imaging processes in nuclear medicine imaging include first injection of radiotracer, acquisition of the photons (data), and then reconstruction of the tracer distribution (images). The reconstructed images are then used for final analysis in quantitation or diagnosis. However, various effects deteriorate the image qualities during the image processing. To achieve high quantitation and qualification, corrections for these effects are necessary. Moreover, methods for analyzing the images are important for predicting the performance of imaging components in both hardware and software. The goal of image processing and analysis in molecular imaging is to apply knowledge in engineering and physics to improve the image qualities and data analysis through the use of computer hardware and software.
Ultrasonic Imaging

The mission of Ultrasonic Imaging Lab is to develop novel ultrasound imaging technologies for clinical diagnoses. Based on the knowledge integration of science, engineering, physics, and medicine, we focus on the fundamental studies of functional ultrasound imaging methodology and the corresponding applications including tissue characterization and clinical diagnosis.

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